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Wuhan Introduction

The city of Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, is the most important central city of China and plays the central role of politics, economy, culture,business and finance in central China. The Yangtze,World’s third longest river and its largest tributary Han River meet in Wuhan and separate the city into three parts of Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang,namely, the three towns of Wuhan. With the area of 8,596 km2 and a population of 10.6 million, Wuhan administers13 districts and 3 state-level development zones.
Wuhan is the economic and geographic center of China. 80% of China’s population and 90% of GDP falls within 1000 km radius circle of Wuhan. As the biggest water,land and air transport hub in inland China, Wuhan has been well known as “throghfare to nine provinces”. Wuhan is the center of national railway network. High-speed railway can reach 22 provincial capitals within 4 hours from Wuhan. Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe freight transportation railway, the first trans-continental freight channel connects Europe and Wuhan. Wuhan is the hub of international flights in central China. Wuhan has opened 40 direct international flights to Paris,Moscow,Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore,Tokyo,Seoul, Sydney,Melbourne,Dubai,Rome, etc. Wuhan New Port is the top 1 inland river port of Yangtze River. This river-sea-through route connects to international ocean liners, enabling it to reach every corner of the world.
Wuhan is one of important science and education bases in China. Its comprehensive science and education strength ranks no.3 among large cities in China.Wuhan has 85 institutions of higher learning and 1.2 million on-campus university students, ranking no.1 in the world. 
Wuhan is the world leader in several high-tech fields such as optical communication, satellite navigation, 3D printing, laser, bio-medical, and bio-energy, etc. Based on its formation of three towns, namely Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, Wuhan will construct 10 industrial clusters and 4 industrial agglomeration areas, which are Big Optics Valley Area,Capital of Automobile, Airport Economic Zone and Heavy Chemical Industry Base. The 10 industrial clusters are automobile, equipment manufacturing, petro-chemical,bio-medicine, home applications, energy and environment protection, electronic information, iron and steel, food processing,fashion customer goods. 
Wuhan is the largest commercial and financial center in central China. Its commodities can reach nearly 400 million in neighboring 5 provinces. It also boasts abundant medical resource and education facilities. Wuhan has 398 foreign and domestic financial institutions (including 8 foreign banks). Wuhan ranked 8th in the City Momentum Index published by Jones Lang LaSalle in April,2015. 
Wuhan is becoming more and more internationalized each year. France, US, South Korea and Britain have set up consulate general in Wuhan successively. Up till now, there are 6,515 foreign-capital investing enterprises and 230 fortune top 500 enterprises in Wuhan.
During the National 12th Five-year Plan period, Wuhan enterprises have invested 51 projects with total investment of 401 million USD, most of which are engaged in bio-medicine,optoelectronics,communication,real estate etc. 
The investments from US in Wuhan are most engaged in automobile and auto parts, food and drinks, bio-medicine, software and outsourcing services, business etc. By the end of December 2015, American enterprises in Wuhan have set up 579 sino-foreign joint ventures, including 50 fortune top 500 companies, like GM, Honeywell, CardinalHealth, ThermoFisher,etc. The total investment reached 2455 million USD. The contract foreign investment amounted to 1204 million USD. The actual utilized foreign capital amounted to 1097 million USD. 
In 2015, the bilateral trade between Wuhan and US totaled 2236 USD, up by 11.6%, with a 8% share of total volume of import and export trade in Wuhan. The import volume reached 946 million USD from 536 import companies, up by 62.5%. The major imported goods from US are electronic components, automatic measuring and analyzing instruments, aerospace vehicles, medical devices, healthcare products etc. The export volume reached 1290 milllion USD from 651 export companies, down by 9.3%. The major exported goods to US are automatic data processing instruments, telecommunication devices, textile and clothes, automobiles and auto parts, light industrial arts and crafts etc.
The development objectives of Wuhan is to build National Central City and International Metropolis. Wuhan continues to construct national innovation center,national advanced manufacturing center and national commerce and logistics center. To realize this dream, Wuhan implements “1+9” preferential policy, carries out a series of beneficial plans like “Innovative Valley”, “City Partners”,“Yellow Crane Talent”,“3551 Optics Valley Talent” etc. The local government has taken up a series of investment promotion actions like setting up initiating funds, providing financial subsidies, offering registration rewards and implementing talent policies, to encourage more American enterprises and projects to invest in Wuhan.



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