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Tianjin Introduction

Tianjin,one of China's four municipalities directly under the Central Government (the other three are Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing) is located at 38°34'-40°15'N and 116°43' and 118°04'E,and 120 kilometers away from Beijing.With coverage of 11700 km2  and a population of 15 million, it adopts the international time zone of GMT+8 and serves as the portal of the capital city of Beijing and its environs.

As an important economic center in the Bohai Bay Rin area, Tianjin is know as the Pearl of the Bohai Sea. It has not only a solid foundation in the development of science and technology, education, industry and commerce and finance but a complete three-dimensional transportation network including vehicles in the air and sea and on the land. In 2015,Tianjin's GDP totaled 1653 billion Yuan,1.8 times of that in 2010,with an annual increase of 12.4% and the GDP per capital exceeding 17,000 dollars.

With its back to North China, Northwest China and Northeast China, and its face to Northeast Asia, Tianjin is an important thoroughfare in the foreign trade  for a dozen provinces and municpalities and the largest port city in North China. With an annual throughput of more than half a billion tons and the container throughput of over 14 million TEUs, the total volunme of foreign trade in the whole year exceeds 110 billion dollars.

Tianjin aims to develop itself into the economic hub of North China, an international seaport and an ecologioal city.




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